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Efficiency in theNews

12 things to know about feed efficiency 

“12 things you need to know about feed efficiency to optimize your operation..”        READ  MORE

Cow Herd Efficiency: How Much Can We Improve It?

“We conducted a series of experiments to better understand RFI throughout various stages of production.”  READ  MORE


The calves out of the negative RFI bull consumed almost $70 less feed per head from 950 to 1,350 pounds. For example, if the negative RFI bull was used for a three-year period to cover 40 cows per year, it would cost $8,400 less in feed costs for those cattle than if an inefficient bull was used....   READ  MORE

GrowSafe Systems, LTD. FEED EFFICIENCY Searching for the Holy Grail

“Few management techniques can be used by beef producers that yield a 10 to 15 percent improvement in production efficiency. By stacking generations selected for RFI improvement, greater than 20 percent improvement in production efficiency can be achieved.”        READ  MORE

Game Changer

“"In just a few months, we're already seeing the potential outcomes of this technology," Cook said. "This is a game changer."”    READ  MORE

Other Media

McDonnell Angus - Efficiency Talk Nevada 2020
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